Cheap accommodation features at Gloria Hotels

Gloria Hotel is one of the best places to live in while traveling to Dubai. The three stars hotel is providing full facilities on very reasonable price.

Gloria Hotel has been recently renovated by a German company according to latest design and luxurious facilities.

Gloria Hotel is only thirty minutes far from Dubai International Airport. Both walk in and pre booking is entertained by management of Gloria Hotel.


Gloria Hotel is offering four types of rooms to live which include basic, standard, luxury and executive class. Each room has its own unique facilities.

Basic room starts from $40 per night per person. Guests at Basic room can enjoy free internet, television, laundry and breakfast facilities.

On the other hand standard rooms start from $60. Pets are free for guests living in standard room. Guests living in Standard room can enjoy free breakfast, pool, gym and high speed internet.

Furthermore, Luxury room has full size queen bed along with balcony and small kitchen. Luxury room at Gloria Hotel has the facility of microwave oven, coffee maker, free internet, free movies and extra Jacuzzi in bathroom.

In addition to this, executive room at Gloria Hotel features separate office, balcony, city view, full king size bed, free breakfast at room, sauna bath and Jacuzzi.

Besides that standard size swimming pool, gym, high speed internet, breakfast, laundry and parking service is free for all guests. Pets are charged only $10 per night.